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Agri-tourism, Saudi Arabia

Evaluation of the opportunities for establishing an agri-tourism business

Project Description

Representing 6 Owls Consulting, a consortium of independent tourism and leisure consultants, Jonathan Rounce led a team in 2014/15 to evaluate the opportunities to develop agri-tourism as a major new income stream for the Tabuk Agricultural Development Company (TADCO), located in Tabuk Province in north western Saudi Arabia.

The TADCO estate measures some 350km2, and is situated on a plateau 770m above sea level, bordered by the Gulf of Aqaba, Egypt and Jordan in the north west of Saudi Arabia. It is here that TADCO have established a major agricultural business producing wheat, fodder, fruit, vegetables and olives and providing a range of related agricultural services.

Following changes in the wheat subsidy markets and a number of other factors TADCO wished to explore potential new business avenues that could operate alongside it’s core agricultural production. Agri-tourism was identified as just such an activity.

And so an initial scoping study was undertaken to set out a blueprint for the phased development of an agri-tourism venture, focusing initially on day visitors drawn principally from the domestic Saudi market, but with the proposal to progress on to the creation of accommodation facilities and services to facilitate and encourage short-break and longer term holiday visitors.

Project Details

  • Client The Tabuk Agricultural Development Company
  • Date August 20, 2015
  • Tags Options Appraisals, Master Planning, Visitor Attractions, Destinations, Other
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