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aMaizin! Adventure Park, Jersey

Business planning to support funding application

Project Description

The aMaizin! Adventure Park in Jersey is a privately owned and operated facility that has grown up over time on a 46-vergée (20-acre) landholding that was previously an integral part of the island’s farming industry. However, with the decline in that industry’s fortunes and given the relative strength of Jersey’s tourism industry the owners decided in 2001 to stop farming and move into leisure with the establishment of what is now known as the aMaizin! Adventure Park.

The mission from the outset was:  “To provide a full day of family fun within a realistic budget, yet with high quality services and activities, in a natural, green and safe environment.”

Wanting to enlarge and develop the evolving family entertainment facilities and to provide more indoor facilities to help broaden the business’s operational season the owners approached the States of Jersey Economic Development Office (Jersey Enterprise) for financial support. That in turn triggered Jersey Enterprise to commission Petersham Group to prepare a Business Plan to review and project the potential of aMaizin!

The plan was prepared in close consultation with the aMaizin! team so that it would be ‘their’ plan, but with Petersham Group ensuring that all the assumptions were realistic and robust and assisting in presenting the plan in a format that would provide Jersey Enterprise with a basis on which they could determine whether they should support the project going forwards.

Part of the plan was to conduct a comprehensive review of the competitive facilities on the island and to focus on the creation of a business that would complement existing family-based leisure facilities provision.

aMaizin! continues to go from strength to strength with incremental development helping to stimulate year on year growth in visitor numbers, revenues and profitability.


Project Details

  • Client Jersey Economic Development Office
  • Date September 4, 2013
  • Tags Options Appraisals, Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Funding Advice & Assistance, Visitor Attractions
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