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Bournemouth Town Centre ‘Master Vision’

Workshop facilitation to identify potential leisure components for the 'Master Vision'

Project Description

In 2008 Bournemouth City Council embarked on a major public consultation exercise to debate its ‘Town Centre Master Vision’ – a blueprint to enhance the town and enable it to compete more effectively as a distinctive destination in which to work, live or visit.

As part of that process we were retained to stage a series of workshops to identify a range of deliverable development options for three key areas of the town: Pier Approach, the former Winter Gardens and the magnificent Victorian Gardens.

We assembled three expert panels, drawing on local residents, traders, Council Members and Officers, external ‘experts’ from outside Bournemouth, including some from overseas, and ourselves. After 3-days of extensive brainstorming, from which emerged a raft of valuable and innovative development ideas, priorities and themes, we prepared a comprehensive report document.

That report subsequently formed a vital input to the joint venture vehicle that was established between the Council and a private development company to bring about the regeneration of the Town Centre, and those three sites in particular.

In 2011, the Joint Venture development company, involving the Council and Morgan Sindell Investments, bought a key strategic site on the sea front and in 2012 started work on developing the first phase of the master plan – a £350m regeneration programme.

The  workshops proved to be a very creative and, above all, cost effective way of highlighting sound development ideas and concepts and greatly assisted the Council’s planning process. A similar approach has been adopted on a wide range of Petersham Group projects and has always been well received by clients.

Project Details

  • Client Bournemouth Borough Council
  • Date September 6, 2013
  • Tags Options Appraisals, Master Planning, Destinations
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