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BugWorld Experience, Liverpool

From concept through development to opening & beyond

Project Description

In early 2008, Petersham Group met Des Rogers, owner and CEO of Dublin-based Rogers Group Investments Ltd (RGI), to discuss his plans to develop the UK’s first stand alone, interactive family attraction based on the world of insects and bugs.

RGI’s vision was to develop a project that would allow the concept to be proven at a location in the Albert Dock, Liverpool. Petersham Group worked with the project throughout the whole design and development process, working with RGI to ensure that the attraction under development was operationally fit for purpose and that it delivered a high-quality, inspirational visitor experience that would open the eyes of the visitor to the fascinating world of bugs, without which all other life on earth would not be able to survive.

We were tasked with putting in place all the necessary operating procedures and equipment required to operate BugWorld, recruiting and training the team that would manage the attraction and also managing the agencies responsible for the pre and post-opening marketing campaign.

Immediately prior to the opening Petersham Group ensured that management control, ticketing and EPOS systems were put in place, worked with the specialist curatorial team to ensure that the permits and licences necessary to open were duly secured and that the attraction was properly commissioned prior to handover by the installation team to the management team. We subsequently provided executive management to the attraction in the first months following opening before assisting with the recruitment of a General Manager to run the business on behalf of RGI.

Project Details

  • Client Rogers Group Investments Ltd/ The BugWorld Experience Ltd
  • Date August 21, 2013
  • Tags Project Management / Attraction Development, Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Operational Support, Visitor Attractions
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