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El Secreto de Los Mayas, PortAventura, Spain

Project management of mirror maze installation

Project Description

In early 2013, the development team at PortAventura sought the design, fabrication and installation of a compelling new attraction into a 220m2 building in the ‘Mexico’ area of the park – and to have it open in time for Easter!

Our team had the experience and the product to match this aspiration, and world-class maze designer, Adrian Fisher came up with the concept of “El Secreto de los Mayas”, a self-contained, walk-through themed attraction with a mirror maze at the heart.

All Adrian Fisher designs have a strong storyline and this was no exception, the visitors seeking the ‘Lost Secret of the Mayas’ in an archaeological dig before becoming lost in a seemingly endless labyrinth.

Keith Thomas took planning & Project Management responsibilities and after development of a design brief, UK-based exhibition company, GTMS were engaged to build and install the attraction, with NetherLED of Maastricht, Netherlands brought in to design and install the technical system needed to complete the project.

GTMS pre-fabricated the new attraction, including over 90 triangular mirror maze cells which fit together like a carefully-designed jigsaw puzzle to lose and confuse the visitor, creating delight and playing with their senses as the beautifully-designed Mayan-style graphics change colour as RGB LEDs morph colour in sequence.

The whole mirror maze attraction was built in under 6 weeks from approved design, tested, packed and shipped to arrive in PortAventura on 15th March. An intensive on-site programme of works saw the maze installed, commissioned and signed of by the client on the 25th March, just 10 days later.

Project Details

  • Client Adrian Fisher Design Ltd
  • Date August 21, 2013
  • Tags Project Management / Attraction Development, Visitor Attractions
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