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Houses of Parliament, London

Development & implementation of tours programme

Project Description

As possibly the most iconic building in Britain, the call from Black Rod and the Serjeant at Arms to determine how the Houses of Parliament could be opened up to the general public was a challenge that was too good to resist!

Not only was it necessary to establish how the public could be appropriately guided through the Palace of Westminster, as the Parliament buildings are more correctly known, but how such a system could be accommodated by the two Houses. How were we to balance the influx of thousands of tourists within a very busy and security focused complex, whist also ensuring that the wishes of all Members were respected and the rights of access and movement of all Members and Officers were preserved?

Even more difficult was just how to ‘sell’ the proposed plans to the relevant administrative committees of the two Houses, whose approval was a pre-requisite. Nevertheless it was achieved, slowly but surely, and after two successful years of piloting a tours programme, it is now an established part of the Parliamentary programme with over 1 million visitors a year. We also advised on the establishment of a Central Ticket Office to control the issue of tickets and on the allocation of guides for all tours within the Palace of Westminster.

Project Details

  • Client House of Commons & House of Lords
  • Date August 19, 2013
  • Tags Project Management / Attraction Development, Options Appraisals, Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Historic and Heritage Properties
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