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Kalmar Aquarium, Sweden

Concept & feasibility study for new aquarium

Project Description

The city of Kalmar, located on the south east coast of Sweden,  is seeking to develop itself as a regional destination, building on attractions such as Kalmar Castle which are already well known. In 2005, it was considering a number of ideas which might add to its appeal to visitors.

It had identified that there are relatively few aquarium-based attractions located in Sweden, unlike other northern European countries and that those that have been built have proved popular. Further it was apparent that there are none of any significance in the south of Sweden, particularly within the market catchment area of Kalmar.

Petersham Group are active in the tourist market in Sweden and had recently developed a concept and feasibility study for an aquarium project at Landskrona on the west coast.

We were commissioned to carry out a feasibility study that would analyse the strengths of the town as a location for such an attraction and assess potential locations, going on to examine the economic case for such a project.

The city planned that the study should provide potential investors, public bodies, sponsors or grant funding agencies with the information that they would require if the city decided to take the project forward. Although the outcome was positive, to date, the project has not yet been progressed.

Project Details

  • Client City of Kalmar Development Department
  • Date September 16, 2013
  • Tags Options Appraisals, Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Visitor Attractions
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