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Kelmscott Manor

Business planning for the implementation of ‘Kelmscott and Morris: Past Present and Future’

Project Description

Kelmscott Manor

The Society of Antiquaries of London acquired Kelmscott Manor in Oxfordshire in 1962. The property, which was the summer home of William Morris from 1871 until his death in 1896, has been developed progressively as a visitor destination. However, it now urgently needs major capital works to bring the Manor House and outbuildings into a fit and proper state of repair. This programme of works must safeguard the estate whilst enhancing the site’s capacity and visitor offer, and crucially, it must allow the Society to build visitor throughput and attract a larger and more diverse audience than is currently achieved.

The Society summarised its plans for Kelmscott in a vision document: ‘Kelmscott and Morris: Past Present and Future’ (KMPPF). In launching that vision in 2016 Gill Andrews, the Society’s then President, stated that “Our vision….is that visitors to the site will be able to explore the inspirational impact that Kelmscott had on Morris and how this manifested itself in his work, and to appreciate his enduring worldwide legacy.”

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Funding to implement the vision was sought and achieved from Arts Council England, The Architectural Heritage Fund, and the Heritage Lottery Fund together with a number of supportive charities and foundations.

The the most recent and significant award was a £4.3m, Round 2 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, announced in October 2018

To support the grant applications the Society assembled a highly-experienced consultant team to work alongside their in-house project board, which comprised Society Fellows, senior executives and the Kelmscott Manor management team.

The consultant team included architects, designers, cost consultants, activity planners, conservationists, archaeologists and project managers.

Kelmscott Manor Shop

Petersham Group had responsibility for undertaking all of the business planning and associated modelling work producing a comprehensive financial model, covering the period 2017/18 through to 2025/26, which supported the main business plan document.

The model illustrated the detailed operational and financial outcomes of implementing the business plan and delivering the vision, whilst also providing a basis for testing the sensitivity of the underlying assumptions, e.g. the impact of shortfalls in performance targets and overspends on capital and revenue costs.

Project Details

  • Client The Society of Antiquaries of London
  • Date November 2, 2018
  • Tags Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Funding Advice & Assistance, Historic and Heritage Properties, Museums, Destinations
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