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Life Unlimited, Kenya

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Project Description

Over the last few years Jonathan Rounce has been working as business and commercial consultant to Life Unlimited Ltd, which is staging unique ‘Experiences’ in Kenya, which are perhaps best understood by visiting the website at

Over the last two years  programmes for the Kenyan Experiences have been shaped, evolved, practiced and perfected to achieve a unique blend of activities, on luxurious 10 and 14-day journeys that offers extraordinary activities, sights, sounds, smells and tastes in some of Kenya’s most breath-taking and idyllic locations.

Focused on three locations – Hippo Point on Lake Naivasha, where a magnificent Elizabethan style manor house is a reminder of Africa’s colonial past, the wonderfully remote Sarara Camp in Namunyak in North Kenya and the tented Cottars Camp in the Masaai Mara in the south on the Tanzanian border – the Kenyan Experiences provide a wonderful contrast of settings with travel between them variously by helicopter, 4×4 vehicles and camel!

The truly distinguishing feature of Life Unlimited Experiences is the charismatic team of travel companions: an award winning-psychotherapist; a highly respected medical doctor and psychiatrist who also specialises in alternative medicine; an osteopath and acupuncturist who combines western and eastern philosophy; one of London’s most highly regarded nutritionists; a dedicated yoga and meditation teacher – plus a host of local characters. They will serve as guides on another journey – an inner journey. They will create innovative and spontaneous workshops in some of the world’s most spectacular places, in the company of amazing people.

Life Unlimited’s Experiences will challenge guests minds, invigorate their bodies and make their spirits dance. Participants will return home refreshed, rejuvenated and full of new ideas!

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