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Little London, One Tower Bridge

Business planning for major new attraction

Project Description

In the autumn of 2011 Petersham Group were retained as commercial consultants by a development team embarking on the creation of a major new visitor attraction in the heart of London. The concept is the creation of a huge scale model of central London with a series of separate zones focusing on ‘Royal London’, ‘Sporting London’, Maritime London etc. Hence the name and strapline, ‘Little London – the greatest model city on earth’.

Having started by identifying and proposing potential sites that could accommodate the project Petersham Group’s focus moved on to the preparation of a comprehensive and site-specific business plan and underlying financial model to support the project’s on-going design development and fund-raising, starting with a thorough evaluation of the wider London visitor attractions market.

The business plan, in addition to projecting hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual visitor throughputs and associated design day planning parameters, identified and quantified all direct and indirect revenue sources, capital costs and revenue operating costs. In addition we advised on management and staffing structures and the contracting out of certain services, including catering, cleaning and facilities management.

An ideal site was secured and fund-raising commenced. Petersham Group’s business plan was independently and exhaustively examined by each prospective investor and in each case received comprehensive endorsement as being robust, realistic and deliverable. Unfortunately, however, the project did not progress beyond fundraising due to a number of irreconcilable differences between the founders and the funders.

Project Details

  • Client Little London Enterprises Ltd
  • Date August 19, 2013
  • Tags Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Funding Advice & Assistance, Visitor Attractions
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