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Madeira Wine Experience, Funchal

Business planning & operational advice

Project Description

A consortium of Madeiran businessmen, including a leading wine producer, conceived the idea of building a major new visitor attraction in the recently redeveloped main harbour of Funchal, Madeira’s capital.  This location is ideally situated to take advantage of the growing demand from passengers on the cruise ships docking there; a rapidly growing market.

The Madeira Wine Experience is planned to be a showcase to promote an understanding & appreciation of the island’s distinctive wine, its rich history and its vibrant future, as well as to sell the wine itself. During the course of a totally immersive experience, visitors will learn through state of the art interactive displays, how Madeira wine was first discovered and then sold around the world. They will then have the opportunity to taste the different varieties and blends and learn how to partner each variety with different foods.

Petersham Group has carried out a detailed feasibility study that forms the basis of the project business plan and we have worked with leading Museum Design company, Haley Sharpe Design to develop a concept design for the project that enabled the owners to win the first round of a tender for the development and fit out of the property (pictured whilst still under construction).

Project Details

  • Client New Madeira Investment Serviços, SA
  • Date August 21, 2013
  • Tags Project Management / Attraction Development, Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Visitor Attractions
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