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Marja-Vantaa Masterplan, Helsinki, Finland

Leisure master planning for 5,000 hectare site

Project Description

The City of Vantaa is developing a new urban residential and business area in Kivistö, Vantaa, on the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. The new city area will be called Marja-Vantaa and will be the most significant new development of its kind within the capital region. As the mission statement proclaims Marja-Vantaa will be: “A fantastic urban creation of sustainable development where diversified city living can be shaped by its inhabitants”

The new city area will house 30,000 people and accommodate businesses that will provide in the region of 25,000 new jobs.

Petersham Group was engaged by NCC Property Development OY, part of a major Scandinavian construction and development group, to carry out a consultancy project to advise them on the incorporation of leisure components, including a number of destination visitor attractions, into the NCC Marja-Vantaa site development master plan.

This master plan was submitted in late 2012 to the Marja-Vantaa development project team as part of NCC’s response to the Marja-Vantaa development competition.

We researched the leisure and tourism market for Marja-Vantaa and then proposed a range of suitable leisure ideas and visitor attraction concepts to the NCC project team at a workshop held in June 2012. Based on this, the leisure components were over-laid into the emerging master plan.

This was followed up by a comprehensive report explaining the detailed thinking behind the leisure and attraction elements proposed for the master plan.

We were retained by NCC, not only because of our proven track record in the international leisure industry, but because of our ability to identify and introduce operators to bring their concepts, brands & offers to the development. A role we are often retained to provide.

Project Details

  • Client NCC Property Development OY
  • Date September 16, 2013
  • Tags Master Planning, Destinations
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