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National Museum of Antiquities, Stockholm

Options appraisal for new museum wing

Project Description

Petersham Group were invited by the Director of the Historiska Museet, the National Museum of Antiquities, one of Sweden’s best known national museums, to facilitate a workshop with their internal team. The objective of the workshop, staged over the course of two days, was to help them to bring together their ideas for the development and operation of a 7,000m2 extension to the existing museum.

The aim of the new project was to create the leading exhibition in the Nordic region focussing on the Viking civilization. It is envisaged that it will showcase some of the Museum’s vast archive of objects from this period, currently not on display.

However, its fundamental purpose is to give visitors a unique insight into what life was like during that period and to celebrate the achievements of the Viking civilisation.

The Exhibition will use cutting edge museum technology combined with techniques from the wider leisure and entertainment industry to draw visitors back into the world of the Vikings. The planned new extension will be a massive attraction in its own right but an important part of the task is to ensure that the existing museum and its collections are also developed to allow visitors who wish to do so, to learn in more depth about this fascinating period. It is also essential that in terms of operation, the two parts of the museum will be managed to leverage efficiencies from the larger establishment.

Project Details

  • Client Historiska Museet
  • Date August 21, 2013
  • Tags Options Appraisals, Museums
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