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Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, Falmouth

Wide ranging financial & operational review as part of a major rationalisation programme

Project Description

As a registered charity and the owner and guardian of a comprehensive arts complex in the centre of Falmouth, with galleries, meeting rooms and a 182-seat arts cinema auditorium, RCPS has been on this site since 1835.

Not unlike many charities, however, it has found the transition from 20th to 21st Century difficult and has increasingly seen the services it provides being undertaken by others (often in modern, purpose-built facilities) with the result that trading receipts have been declining whilst operating costs, including the operation of a high-maintenance listed building, have been rising.

Recognising the urgent need for change we were commissioned by the trustees to undertake a thorough, but fast-track, root and branch review of the Society, its trading subsidiary and overall modus operandi to determine how the Society could be adapted in order to survive in the changed marketplace in which it was operating. The outcome was a closure of the trading activities and a major re-focusing of the Society on its founding and core objectives: “To promote the advancement of science and the arts especially in relation to the county of Cornwall.”

The RCPS of tomorrow will clearly be very different to the RCPS of yesterday, and the transition needed to achieve the new arrangements involves significant changes. Despite the difficulty of seeing through these changes the re-shaped RCPS will be stronger and more relevant as a result, and it will be closer to its founding aims and better placed to take on the challenges an opportunities of the future.

Project Details

  • Client Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society
  • Date September 16, 2013
  • Tags Options Appraisals, Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Operational Support, Mixed Use Developments, Other
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