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Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural District, Kuwait

Operational and institutional planning support

Project Description

The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural District is a 13 hectare site in the Al-Sha’ab area on the Western shore. It will house four world-class Museums, a Fine Arts Centre, a theatre and two Information Centres, with the facilities being linked by a central covered ‘street’ allowing visitors and residents to pass through the site from the city to the seashore of the Arabian Gulf. The buildings, with a total floor area of 40,000m2, are simple, yet stunning, and use a contemporary reference to traditional architectural planning.

Petersham Group, working in collaboration with renowned museum and attraction design specialists, Haley Sharpe Design, has undertaken a programme of Operational and Institutional Planning Consultancy for the project. This has provided the project team with the necessary information and expertise to plan for the future management of this major museum project, and to make key informed decisions regarding operational matters during the development phase until the Client’s museum management team is in place.

Our tasks have included reviewing the potential market and demand for the project and developing a strategy for its operation within the context of the current architectural and exhibit design.

We will continue to work with the project team to ensure that the Centre is delivered ready for ‘operational excellence’.
With a view to the appointment of a management company for the Museums, we have prepared detailed RFP’s on the Client’s behalf for the selection and appointment of a suitably experienced company to manage and operate the site. Our work will be used to evaluate tender bids and establish performance measures for the successful tendering company.

Project Details

  • Client Haley Sharpe Design Limited
  • Date August 20, 2015
  • Tags Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Operational Support, Museums, Destinations, Other
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