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Smygehuk Visitor Centre, Trelleborg, Sweden

Visitor facilities feasibility study

Project Description

The southern extremity of Sweden, Smygehuk is visited annually by in excess of 500,000 people, many of whom do little more than park their car, take a photo next to the iconic signpost, and drive away, giving little or no benefit to the harbour village of Smygehamn or the municipality of Trelleborg. Visitor facilities there currently are basic and there is relatively little for them to do.

Petersham Group were appointed to analyse this situation and to propose solutions that would offer visitors better facilities and a reason to stay longer and spend more money locally. We consulted widely, within the staff of the Kommun and also outside, including the museums service, tourism officers and local people before developing a visitor centre concept that drew together the fascinating archaeological story (dating back to the very earliest settlements in Sweden), the story of the very particular natural history in the area and then looking forward, to the future of Smygehuk. The attraction concept utilised a wide range of different methods to tell this story, including audio-visual media and live exhibits.

After presentation of the project concept, we were commissioned to develop a detailed business plan for the project to assess the feasibility and set out the economic benefits the project would bring to the area. Regrettably, a change in local government following an election resulted in an incoming administration with its own particular priorities, which did not include developing the visitor economy or this project in particular.

Project Details

  • Client Östersjöterminalen AB
  • Date September 16, 2013
  • Tags Project Management / Attraction Development, Business Planning & Financial Modeling, Visitor Attractions
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