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Tourism Workshops, Estonia

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Project Description

In 2011 Enterprise Estonia staged three international conference workshops in the cities of Parnu, Tartu and the capital, Tallin. The workshops attracted large audiences comprising senior executives drawn from the country’s leading museums, heritage sites, attractions and the wider tourism industry. Delegates heard selected experts use their international experience to demonstrate how Estonia could raise the bar on the standards of operation of its attractions in order to attract more international tourist visitors and diversify its tourist base.

Retained to present a number of keynote sessions at the conference workshops, we addressed such matters as the criteria for development and operational success, the appraisal of new developments, key performance indicators, operational performance measurement, revenue development and the contracting out of visitor services etc.

The 4-day conference workshops, attracted the directors of Estonia’s leading museums and historic sites, the providers of tourist accommodation and related services, as well as a range of people involved in the planning and development of major new attractions. A number of Enterprise Estonia’s own tourism officials also attended to learn how to channel their grant funding into the ‘right’ projects.

As a follow-on to the tourism conference workshops in Estonia Petersham Group submitted a proposal to Enterprise Estonia to organise a number of study tours, both within the UK and continental Europe, to take small delegations to a series of established visitor attractions to see, first hand, examples of industry ‘best practice’ and to see successful sites in operation.

The workshops proved to be a very creative and, above all, cost effective way of presenting international lessons and using carefully selected examples for those who are seeking to develop and grow Estonia’s embryonic tourism industry.

Project Details

  • Client BDA Consulting OŰ for Enterprise Estonia
  • Date August 23, 2013
  • Tags Operational Support, Other
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