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Uppåkra Arkeologiska Center, Sweden

Options appraisal for major new visitor centre

Project Description

The planned Uppåkra Arkeologiska Center (UAC), located between Lund and Staffanstorp in southern Sweden, will be designed to interpret one of the most important Iron Age sites in Northern Europe, as well as creating a state of the art showcase for Archaeological Science. It is expected to become one of the leading destination visitor attractions in Sweden when it opens in 2017.

We were initially contracted by the University of Lund, a key stakeholder in the project, to assist them in formulating their vision for the project.

As a result of the success of that process, we were then asked by the project manager of the Stiftelsen UAC to run a series of workshops bringing together all of the stakeholders in the project. The aim of those workshops was to develop a mission statement, agree the aims and objectives of the project and to develop the basis of a design brief that took full account of the needs of all users and visitors to the site. These included the visiting public, schools and university students, archaeologists excavating the site, curatorial staff conserving the finds and of course, the operational management and staff required to run the project.

With a number of possible development options available to the project team, we were then retained to carry out an objective Options Appraisal in order to guide the UAC team in making future choices regarding the design and execution of the project.

The feedback received, from both the University and subsequently from the UAC team, demonstrated the value of the workshop approach to both harmonising attitudes amongst multiple stakeholders and to narrowing down the development options.

Project Details

  • Client Stiftelsen Uppåkra Arkeoliska Center
  • Date August 23, 2013
  • Tags Options Appraisals, Museums, Visitor Attractions
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