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The Petersham Group difference

There are numerous  consultancy practices, large and small, and countless individual consultants all claiming to be among the best when it comes to serving the interests of the leisure and tourism industries. Some may genuinely be able to make such claims, the majority should probably not. Indeed, many are generalists who will seek work across all sectors, regardless of their sector knowledge. All too many consultancies are staffed largely by bright young general business consultants, but who are relatively inexperienced and lack serious industry experience.
We, however, are genuine sector specialists, having worked extensively and exclusively across the leisure sector and we only employ or retain staff with similarly relevant and extensive sector expertise.

Delivering compelling visitor attractions

We don’t approach new projects with pre-conceived ideas or the application of formulaic solutions. It is not our practice to come to projects with pre-conceived ideas of what the outcome(s) should be, but to start with a listening and learning mindset, only formulating ideas and recommendations as the work progresses and as our understanding of each client’s real needs and expectations are established and confirmed.

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